March 7, 2011

How it all began and where we are going...

I was fortunate to have fallen into my passion straight out of high school. Unexpected and unplanned but exactly where I was meant to be; I found my home in a flower shop!! Flowers make me smile everyday; how can that possibly be a bad thing?! Working with my hands and creating something beautiful brings me joy and pleasure and seeing how my small efforts can make a difference in the lives of others is very rewarding.

Family and nurturing is important to me and flows into not just my home life but every relationship I encounter: my boys, my family, friends, co-workers and my customers and their families. Working with my amazing staff is hugely rewarding! Watching how our lives entwine and grow brings me a lot of life. We learn from each other, grow together and inspire one another. 

Flowers convey so many feeling that maybe at times we as humans have such a hard time expressing, but they just do it naturally and without effort. They are vulnerable in the beauty they offer; even if it is only for a short time. Starting as a small bud, until they blossom into there full glory; but every step of the way, they offer all that they are. You just can't help but be amazed by their beauty! They give all that they are to make a small difference, even for the briefest of moments. 

The store: Nostalgic, romantic, whimsical, reminiscent, English Country Garden with a modern twist...eclectic, warm, magical. 

Things I love: garden flowers, fragrance: pansies, peonies, sweet peas, dahlias, lily of the valley, lupin, and sunflowers, Berries, twigs, vines and blooming branches, Textures, colour, lace (especially eyelet), anything hand-made with love!!! lost arts... 

My grandmas were gardeners and also created beautiful things with their hands and their a little piece of themself in their efforts. Watching them and working alongside them as a child grew into a love that still lives in me today. My mom is also a crafty and talented women is who always amazing me with her creations. It is like magic flows through her fingertips; she practically has the ability to create something amazing out of what started out as nothing at all!! She has always had the ability to make her house a home with her special signature! 

One of my dearest friends describes Anne Paterson's as a magical place...where little miracles happen everyday! That puts a smile on my face, because I believe when you open yourself up, beautiful things happen. In the little things, there is growth, beauty and transformation. I have stood witness to the miracles; seen and experienced the power of life and sting of death; I have watched the circle of life take place in all areas of my life. Every stage has an awe inspiring beauty that you can't help but be changed by. What can I say, I am a mush and this special place called Anne Paterson's Flowers has entwined itself into the fabric of who I am and all that I am becoming!! 

Natural, organic, wild and untamed 

So I hope you feel welcomed into our enchanted garden and experience a little bit of the magic and beauty this world has to offer. If it happens, I count myself blessed to be apart of something special. 

Sharing laughs, life and love

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