March 13, 2011

My Garden Roses

We just got these beauties in the shop and it was love at first sight, or was it first scent?!  They are absolutely intoxicating in every way and take me back to my dad's rose garden as a child.  I have brought two roses home to enjoy and these little charmers have not disappointed!  They have mesmerized me with their splendour day after day. I have capture their image for the past 4 days and honestly can't get enough of them!  

These roses conger up words like nostalgia, romance, and opulence.  They instantly make me think of the old dutch master painting, and of days gone by.  They are full and lush and the scent of these blossoms infectiously fill a room, and beg you to breathe it in deeplyThe ruffled, irregular shape of their petals beckon you to get a little closer. Take a peak at all the different varieties of this little Columbia grower;  I think you are going to fall in love with these roses as much as I have.  The pink rose is named Yves Piaget and is the blue ribbon winner from SAF as an outstanding variety.  The white rose goes by the name of White Ohara; both varieties are truly lovely.

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