March 28, 2011

Origami March Madness

Ok, well maybe it is not Origami March madness....but this March has seemed a bit mad!! I do believe that origami may have helped us from going insane!!  It is suppose to be at least showing the signs of spring by now, right???  Where is Spring???

Who knew just how fun folding paper could be to help march the month of March out the door in hopes of spring!  I created a  playful origami floral bouquet to greet my customers as they enter our doors at Anne Paterson's.  If you want to add a little spring into your gloomy days I highly recommend youtube origami how-to instructions to folding your way back to some sunshine!! 

Here are some of the links to some of the sites I used:
There are honestly endless resources so have fun and let's hear it for spring!! 

If you are still looking for more inspiration check out these links:   
Ashley Meaders - This is where my inspiration for the store instillation came from. Ashley created a fantastic  hanging display for a wedding ceremony.  She used fabric, paper and tissue to create a fun and whimsical setting for this event.   

My girlfriend Rachelle also had a fun post on the art of origami folding, please check her out and show her your love.  Enjoy and have fun!!


  1. I LOVE those!!! I've been wanting to try origami, and these flowers would be Great to try. Thanks Elli, Love ya!

  2. it really is fun Donna! Let me know how it works out for you!!