April 26, 2011

The Vivacious Vanda Orchid

We received a special treat today....the pretty little flat faced Vanda orchids puts on a spectacular display of vivid colors!  Each bloom is about 2 inches in diameter and they stand on a sturdy little stem.  As a cut bloom the Vanda should last for up to a month.  While they are not an inexpensive flower, when you consider there exotic nature I would say the stem is well worth the investment.  These intoxicating blooms are natives of India, the Philippines, and some Pacific islands.  They have come a long way from home to put a smile on my face today. They would be a lovely choice for any special event like a wedding or anniversary, or for that special person that lights up your day.  This  is Aministrative Professional's Week; this may just be the perfect bloom to let your assistant know just how much you appreciate there amazing efforts throughout the year.  Whatever the reason you choose to buy the Vanda, I am certain it will please!

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