April 16, 2011

Making New Things Old

I have said it before; I like making old things new or using old and interesting things in new ways, but in this case I made something new just a little bit older.  I love the look of designing floral arrangement, planter baskets and herb gardens in old wood antique crates.  Unfortunately getting our hand on these crates is in short supply. 

Not long ago we were able to source some inexpensive pine wood crates online.  The only problem was they were new.  I wanted the patina of old silvered barn board and I found the solution!! The recipe is super easy and very inexpensive and so easy to do.

Take 1 cup pickling vinegar and add extra fine steel wool.  Let the mixture sit for 12 hours or more.  Remove the steel wool and take a paint brush and test a piece of wood to see how you like the finish.  If it stains the wood darker than you desire, dilute the vinegar solution with equal parts water and try the test again.  I used pine wood and this solution will have different results on different wood so do test the results on something that you are not to worried about before beginning.  Also beware....wear an apron or clothes your not worried about ruining ( I destroyed one of my favorite white button ups), it is an acidic mixture and will stain your clothes as well as the wood.

bottom, before; upper, after
I used the original mixture and did not tamper with it at all and was quite happy with the results.  Give it a try and let me know how it works out for you....  New made old, presto!!  Anne Paterson's is working their magic again! ;)

A fun little project for one of our snow covered "spring" days!  Sorry my camera is out of commission for a bit and I am really missing it but will try to add pics to this post when I can.