April 22, 2011

Nostalia of Easters gone by...Remembering and Renewal!

Easter brings a rush of memories from my childhood. Being a little girl in a ruffly spring dress, my little white purse, crocheted lace gloves and wonderful white patent leather shoes.... oh how I loved Easter!! I always knew that I was going to get a new spring dress and I soo looked forward to church on Easter Sunday!! The Easter egg hunts the chocolate covered bunnies ( and who was going to be the first to bite off the ear)....oh and the flowers, how I loved the flowers!

Daffodils, Tulips, muscari and the signature Easter Lily and its scent, instantly take me back in time to a little four year old girl twirling around in her dress with giggles in the air, sunlight warm on my skin!!

This article helped conjure up the memories I have not thought about for sometime. Easter, a Time for Family and Flowers | Flower Factor#comment-284#comment-284
Traditions are a powerful thing!! Even though my family tradition are far less formal than the ones from my past, they still hold an importance in my life and help me to pause and remember all the little things that put a smile on your face. Spring bulbs burst with life and energy and are such a simple but powerful symbol of what Easter is all about.

Easter is a time to look back and remember! To give thanks that after a long hard winter, spring is here. It is a time of renewal and hope for the future. A symbol of growth and new life!! I am so grateful for my heritage and for traditions and symbols that help us me remember the things that are so important.

What are some of the traditions of Easter for you? Do you have fresh new ways you celebrate the holiday with your family today? Do you incorporate the blossoms of spring into your Easter traditions?

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