May 9, 2011

All that a Mother is- Transformative Beauty

I love the writing of a Franciscan Priest Richard Rohr, he doesn't pretend to have the answers to everything but lives a life in an honest pursuit for understanding, and he does it with an abundance of humility.  At times it seem like he may have more questions than answers; and I like that because it is honest and true to my own heart.  He writes about the transformative power that we women poses, in a book called "The Maternal Face of God."

Women offer a special gift to the world in all that we are.  So today; a day after Mother's Day I give my thanks and gratitude to all the amazing and beautiful women that just continue to offer all that they are to add to the beauty in this world.  Without your giving this world would be diminished, you are needed and vital to offering life and transforming the ordinary into something extraordinary!!  Thank you to my own Mom and the many other amazing women in my life, whether natural birth mothers or just plan natural "mother's" by the nature of all that you give...My life is richer because of the fruits of your labours, it was not done in vain!

May we all "Create a World of Beauty, with our hearts and our hand"



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