June 27, 2011

The Bleeding Heart, Grandpa and the Cinderella Story

I have a lovely bleeding heart plant in the front of my home that every spring brings me fond memories of my Grandpa.

He would tell the tale of Cinderella to me with the blossoms from this plant.  The individual blossoms represented Cinderella in her ballgown.

Next he would gently unpeeled the pink petals from the blossom and 2 tiny bunny's would appear.  These were the bunnies that the Fairy Godmother turned into the beautiful Chariot that carried Cinderella to the Ball.

After the bunnies, you got a glimpse at Cinderella bloomers,  all puffy and full!!

The next layer revealed in the blossom was Cinderella's glass slippers, perfect in every way!!

 The last thing that appears is the magic wand that the Fairy Godmother used to make it all happen.  On the tip of the wand if you look real close you will still see the remainder of the golden pixie dust so you can make your own dreams come true...  Well that is how I remember it and that story and this plant to this day brings me great joy in remembering the tale that my Gramps shared with me.  Hope you can share this store with the children in your life and spread the love of the Bleeding Heart to many generations to come.  It still puts a huge smile on my face with fond and loving memories of an incredible man!!  Love you Gramps!!


  1. Am reading The Tiger's Wife that has wonderful Grandpa stories. Next spring, I'll take apart a bleeding heart and recreate your grandpa's story!

  2. Hope it brings as much joy to those you share it with as it has given me :)

  3. Gramps left so many precious memories for us all, didn't he? What a treasure to have memories like that!!

  4. I love the wand--my grandmother broke apart the flower differently, a story I tell here: http://artofnaturalliving.com/2011/05/27/finding-cinderella-in-a-bleeding-heart/