June 12, 2011

Creating a World of Beauty, with your heart and your hands; the legancy left

My mom has recently returned back from a trip to Saskatoon, SK to help my Great Aunt into a nursing care facility.  What an incredible women my great Aunt is, a women who never married, never had children of her own but an absolutely enchanting women who has nurtured and love and definitely added to the beauty in this world.  I was blessed with a treasure that was made with her marvelous hands.  This is truly a lady who has created a world of beauty using her heart and her hand; one of my true inspirations.

Laying out on my dining table is a fitting representation of something truly beautiful made by the loving hand of my Great Auntie Helen who has been using her hands from a very early age to add to the beauty. She spent her life giving and helping others as a nurses aid, but also always nurtured her creative side with handcrafts. A stunning tablecloth graces my table and reminds me of the precious hands that stitched the enchanting pattern of blossoms into a lovely pattern.  I am sure at the time she was making it she would have had no idea how much her love and patience would impact the world and add to its radiants.    Now at the age of 95 my Great Aunt continues to give of herself and add to the joy of this life.  What an wonderful gift; one I will cherish and enjoy for years to come!!  Thanks for sharing your creativity and beauty to the world, it does make a difference!!  I love you Auntie Helen <3

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  1. A lovely tribute to Auntie Helen. She gave of herself to each of our families in times of need and was always willing to do the menial tasks. It kind of reminds me of the song . . . may all who come behind me find me faithful. Her trust in the Lord is also an example we can all follow.