July 7, 2011

I love Summer!!

It is amazing to me how nine days in a row of sunshine and heat can alter my mood!!  Oh how I love summer time.  Playing and creating beautiful bouquets also make me pretty happy.  The product available right now is insane!!  Oh and on a side note Prince William and Kate are in town, I love them!!  We got to create a posy that was going to be presented to Kate.  Crossing my fingers that we will get a picture of it!

the stunning crisp white callas, blushing bride, green hydrangea, green trachelium, freesia, fountain grass, and the soft and fussy lambs ear
Anne Paterson's take on Stampede!  The peony is from my garden!!

Callas, Dendrobiums, Arabicum Orni, Blushing Bride, Monstera Leaf, Fountain Grass

Astrantia and Achlemillia, both locally grown

locally grown veronica, yellow roses and freesia

a mix of local and imported flowers.  The burgundy foliage is dodonea from my friends at The Flowers Group!! and the local veronica; I just want to eat it up!!!

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