July 16, 2011

Royal Wedding- Anne Paterson's Style

With two Royal Weddings behind us the wedding industry is a buzz with the influences made by both Kate and Princess Charlene. 

I know there was some criticism on the size of Katherine's bouquet,  but I personally thought she could not have choose a bouquet more suited to her personal style and taste.  It was enchanting, elegant and understated and seemed to scream out Kate to me.  I absolutely adored it.  I also so appreciated the thought put into the meaning of the flowers chosen. 

Lily of the Valley-sweetness, happiness and renewal
Hyacinth- Constancy
and both of these flowers have such an alluring scent, that you would not be able to help but bury your nose into it and breathe in the scent deeply!
Sweet William- Gallantry- and I can't help but believe it was chosen for Williams name
Myrtle- used in every royal wedding since planted by Queen Victoria in 1845.
Ivy- fidelity, love and marriage

I love the language of flowers and am thrilled that Katherine's choices have brought not just the beauty of the flowers to the forefront but also there incredible meaning.  Kate also choose all locally grown flowers to the UK...Well done Kate!

Both the royal bouquets were smaller in size and this is another trend that the brides of today will be seeking...  We have created our own representation of the Royal Wedding flowers...hope you enjoy it!

Phalenopsis Orchids, Stock, Astilbee, Lisianthus, Garden Roses, and Thlaspi Green Bells.

What are some things you are seeing brides seeking this year and do you see the influences from Katherine and Princess Charlene choices for their bridal bouquets?

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