August 30, 2011

Fairwell August, Hello Autumn...we do love you, ... parting is bitter sweet

I do so love the summer month!  The heat, the sunshine, the local blooms!!  Such a time of celebration, but I have to admit there is something about fall that I relish.  It is by far my favorite season to design in.  The rich colours, the warmth, the textures, oh ya I love it.  The cool crisp clean feel of  the air in the early morning is fresheshing and invigorating. 

We are definately seeing the flowers of the fall season in the store and I am exciting about the design season that is ahead...For now I am knee deep in counting inventory for our year end and the store is getting a thourgh and well needed cleaning.  I will be happy when August 31st is complete and we can move on to an excite new year for the store, with new product arriving very soon.  So a toast to fall design time and another year at Anne Pat's that has come to a close!  Thanks for being apart of our journey!

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