August 4, 2011

Locally grown and Edible Blooms- what a concept!!

With flowers being so beautiful and now locally available there are fun options available for garnishing dishes and cake as well.  I saw a great clip on sustainable organic edible flowers that totally inspired me.  Check out the link: .  It is so exciting to see people passionate about natural, locally grown product and exciting to see how flowers can be used to enhance a meal. 

I do love the concept of mixing flowers with a meal...adding to the beauty by way of more that just one of our senses.  No denying the visual appeal of a flower, but add the unexpected pleasure that they can create to your taste and that is exciting.

Edible Flowers
lavender, thyme, dill, cilantro, day lily, squash blossom, Nasturtiums, chives, and basil
After doing just a little bit of research there is quit an abundance of edible flowers, but you need to know there are many flowers that are also highly toxic and poisonous.  Make sure you do your research before experimenting with eating flowers and never eat any flowers that are not organic and pesticide free!

I will pass along a few site that were great that got into the art of using and applying floral blooms to your recipes or to be used as garnish.  There are so many unique flavours that different blooms will give.  Anything from a delicate floral taste of the lavender, to a more pepper flavour of a carnation petal.  Other flavours include spicy, bitter, tangy, lemony, mild vegetable  and even some that have a licorice or anise taste.  Flowers can be used to lightly flavour wines, vinegars and can be added to that special something, to a delightful salad or to make a cake scream for that extra attention.  Flowers are fun, beautiful, flavourful and fragrant...guess just another reason why they are considered sensual!

Here is a couple links that I found that were incredibly informative: 

I would love to hear how you have used flowers to add a special touch to your dinner party.


  1. That's cool, Miss E. :)

    I remember once eating a meat dish and salad and it had red flower petals and small buds mixed in. I can't for the life of me remember though when, where or what exactly. But I do remember that I was pleasantly surprised about how yummy it was.

    Funnily enough, I have to prepare a half-hour presentation on "Bush Tucker" and deliver it on Monday night and was thinking about adding a blog topic on that on my own (new) blog this wknd - what a small world, eh?

    Sunny Winter greetings from Down Under :)

  2. Thanks Jo...look forward to hearing about your Australia cuisine, hope your presentation goes well!! I must say that you have a way of even getting me tempted to eating cauliflower!! Have a great day! You will have to send me a link you your blog.