August 18, 2011

Peaches n' Greens

Green Antique Hydrangea, Peach Gloriosa, Coral Dahlia, and Peach Roses

Last weekend one of my brides did a peaches n' green theme wedding and in the creative process I was transported back in time.  Sun filled days of laughter and love spent in the enchanting home of my sweet Auntie Anne and Uncle Al's in Kelowna, BC.  There is nothing quite so satisfying as a nice bowl of peaches and cream sprinkled lightly with sugar fresh from the local farm.  Making this bouquet  was as if the sweet smell of peaches drifted in the air...and the flavours burst into life on my tongue. 

Think it is time to get me some peaches n' cream!! Hope you are all enjoying the fruits of your own labours this summer, in whatever form it comes in.