August 20, 2011

"Went to a Garden Party-reminisce with my old friends"

Something about summertime takes you back in time, and I do love garden parties!!  So much changes with time and then there is so much that just stays the same.  All the things that I loved to do as a child, footloose and fancy free are the same things my boys are enjoying today.  Spending their days down by the river, splashing in the water, skipping rocks and wasting the day away with the laughter and joy of friends!! 

A large part of me is jealous that I can't join in on their fun, but then I think back to my own memories of summertime and glad that I have them.

 And if a girl has to work, I count myself blessed to be surrounded by the beauty of nature and a store that has french doors that open up wide to the clear blue sky!! 

And Saturdays are magical days at the store, people are relaxed happy and the environment is light and easy.  Saturdays at Anne Pat's have become my favorite day of the week!! ... "N' it's alright now, I've learned my lesson well!!"

 Oh, and tomorrow is +30 degrees so I may just have to turn up the toons and have my own garden party with friends.  Not too many more days left of this summer to enjoy, I will take whatever comes my way!!


  1. Hi Elli, I'm just making my rounds through blogland to say thanks for all the supportive comments on my blog ~ I got to your comment and have to pleasure of visiting your lovely blog again, all your arrangements are just SO beautiful!
    So here's a heartfelt thanks for your supportive comment ~ it means the world to our little family!

  2. LOVE this arrangement!! Miss you, I've been off of FB for awhile, taking a "break" to get somethings done!
    lOVE YA!!