September 11, 2011

Fall Floral Frenzy- colour trends

I may have mentioned it before but this is my favorite time of year to design!  The rich warm colours and amazing texture nature provides us is so inspiring.  With my mind on the colour trends for fall 2011 I came up with a couple designs I love.

Scabiosa pods, brunia, kale, antiqua carnation, and the cool water rose
I love this palette of plums, greys, coppers and natural green, and of course you know I adore playing textures!  I even used carnations, or as I like to call then Dianthus ( it just makes me feel better).  I have to admit with the fun colours now available to carnations I may even start carrying them in the store!  What do you think, do you loves these beauties?

Asclepia, Brazillia, Scabiosa Pods, Echenachea, Nandina, Green Heather Sessilaflora, and Hosta leaves

This bouquet moves in the coral, peach, bronze and copper tones and looks great against turquoise shades.  Are you beginning to see why I love fall!  Glorious!!  One of my favourite colour palettes for weddings right now is yellows and greys... I'll be snapping and posting photos of that soon!

There are some great resources out there if you want to delve a little more deeply.  One of the best places for colour inspirations I've found is Pinterest. Chrissy's The Perfect Pallette site I could have ogled for hours! Have a look and tell me your favorite colour palettes and I'll see if I can do some designs to showcase the colour options.  Chrissy also has an amazing blog if you are looking for inspiration for your wedding day, or if you just adore colours like I do.

Jane Packer is a floral designer from the UK I have admired since the beginning of time and her website showcases some lovely fall combinations.

My Personal Artist offers a wedding sketchbook and yet another lovely blog for the colour enthusiast.

And of course, Pantone are the colour experts of the world and an invaluable resource for wedding inspiration.

Enjoy!  And I hope you are enjoying the sight, sound and flavours of this fall season.


  1. I love antiqua carnations! Their color is so pretty, I wish more clients enjoyed them and didn't care that they're "carnations." :) Beautiful work!

  2. I think I am falling for them too! Thank you for your kind words. We could eat up all your bouquets! We love Fleur!