September 18, 2011

The Magic of Love

There’s something special about life in a flower shop, you become a part of people’s lives – the courtships, the triumphs, the sorrows, the celebrations …and especially the love. A shop with a history as long as Anne Paterson’s also gets to see those lives grow and celebrate new milestones.
 Patience (David Austin Rose), Arabicum Ornithonigalum, Buplurum, Lisianthus, Varigated Pitt., White Nerine Lily,
Queen Annes Lace

Something magical happens here when the shop is brimming with wedding arrangements, somehow the store itself gets filled with love. It always makes me a little dreamy as my hands turn the flowers into bouquets and boutonnières, especially when what we’re creating is for someone in the Anne Paterson’s “family.”

When these beautiful David Austin roses first came into the store, they were pretty, but with each passing day their true beauty is revealed; it takes time for you to really see all that they are. Their sweet fragrance grabs hold of you and you are changed. Weddings are like that: there’s so much beauty and love in the room, and yet just the beginning of a beautiful unfolding. An everlasting journey of growth and discovery, each person blossoming and seeing the beauty revealed in the other, change by a life of love.

So much as these lovely flowers add to this special occasion, the real beauty filling the room is the love overflowing and flooding over everyone when the bride and groom come through the doors.  I take great pride and joy in being a part of so many special days, I get a little misty watching that love blossom and grow with each passing year.

And so tonight, I lift a glass to Alexis and Matthew! Wishing you many years of love and happiness together! May your love overflow and touch the lives of others, and like the scent of those David Austin roses, leave them changed by the beauty of it.

And always remember the Magic of Love  ...forever unfolding, forever changing those it touches.