October 16, 2011

Art Forms in Nature- Ernst Haeckel

Nature always has been something that truly inspires me. This week the discovery of Ernst Haeckel's Art Forms in Nature has me bursting at the seams to share these fascinating images with you all.  I have been totally captivated and humbled by the perfect beauty that nature effortlessly offers anyone who takes the time to really look!  The symmetry and detail in the designs Haeckel has captured makes me weak at the knees!


This all started after we had received some Lichen branches in the store and I fell in love with their intricate branching beauty. A google search brought me to the image below... 


Again I was blown away by the intense detail and charm, and was so grateful Haeckel took the time to capture these images for all to enjoy.  Lichen is nature's very own essential lace, and I was dazzled by realization anything we can create, nature has already done repeatedly and more elegantly than we could even imagine.  The patterns, harmony and textures are all around us and I am saddened at times by how few people even notice it's there.

My hope is this post will open your eyes, inspire you to rediscover the living beauty that is all around you.  Take it in deeply. May it put a huge smile on your face and gratitude in your heart. It did for me.





  1. Eeeee! so awesome Elli! thanks for posting this, reminds me of something I wrote last year at about the same time, all excited about beauty and nature and math and God:


    Haackel's carefully illustrated images of nature look hauntingly similar to the images of fractals generated in math:



  2. Wow Valerie, thanks so much for sharing the link to your site!!