November 26, 2011

Celibrating Christmas Green!- sustainable succulent ornaments

We have had fun today decorating our Citron Cypress with our environmentally friendly little succulent ornaments.  They are so cute and is the perfect gift for the environmentally conscious person on your list.  These little gems will last through the whole holiday season and once Christmas is gone you can place them on top of soil and they will root into the earth and live on and on.

I adore the natural look of these ornaments and love the fact that they will live on well past the holiday season.  What a fun and fabulous way to decorate your home for the holiday.

I also am tickled with the idea of using the Cypress as a living Christmas tree for the holiday season and then being able to enjoy it as a stunning house plant all year round.  The contrast of the two greens is so fresh and revitalizing.  The Cypress also have a natural aromatherapy that is light and refreshing and adds to the atmosphere for this festive season!

On the light and whimsical side, it makes me think of Charlie Brown and his Christmas tree and who doesn't love that?!  So here is to the beginning of the Holiday Season, may you embrace all the the Christmas season offers!


  1. I absolutely adore this tree and love the succulent ornaments! What a fantastic idea. I have a large norfolk that I decorted this year but would love to find a large airy Cypress like the one you have to add a shot of bright green and vibrancy to my Christmas next season! Must remember this for next season! Love It!!!

  2. Thanks Jillian, and the Cypress is so extremely easy to care for and can be enjoyed throughout the year, and not just the Christmas season!!