April 3, 2012

One Small Flower

Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies. ~ Mother Teresa    

I have always considered myself a small flower; not the boldest, brightest or most fragrant, but a beautiful little blossom all the same! In all that I am, and in all that I am not, I humbly offer it as a gift. We all have our own unique beauty, I have never met a flower that is not worth cherishing, have you?
the perfect lisianthus bloom

 moby dick
We have the joy of sharing beauty with so many of you, I thought I'd post some of the beautiful blossoms to grace the studio in the hopes you may enjoy the beauty of each individual bloom. Taking the time to admire the detail and savour the beauty in each little treasure and all they have to offer is a little gift of peace and reflection. When I stop to look closely, I realize we have so much we can learn from even the humblest of blooms. 
Whether they are bold and brash or tiny and understated, I am grateful for each one of these flowers and the beauty they so freely offer. I really do love my job!  It is a pretty amazing gig!  Every blossom adds a bit of joy to my life and that brims over into the lives of others. Every day I'm surrounded by reminders of just how natural it is to open up and offer freely all the beauty that lies within us.
ranunculas and magnolia bud, the perfect companions!

water lily

cherry blossoms

gardenia bloom

gloriosa lily

coral charm

I hope each one of these small flowers reminds you as they do me, of the flowers that exists within you.  May you blossom and grow, offering all that you are to a world parched and in need of the unique beauty of who you are. It is within you, let it bloom! With Easter approaching may we all look forward to renewal in our lives. During this holiday season my hope for us all is a time of nurturing and cultivating growth, bursting through the guard petals to flower and bloom!

cymbidiums and the shy helliborus

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